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Getting prestigious Turkish Citizenship is now as easy as buying a real estate property with a minimum value of $400,000 or investing at least $500,000 at Turkish banks!

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Getting Turkish Citizenship is one of the most asked questions across regions from Africa to Asia. For more information from our highly experienced Turkish Citizenship lawyers , you can reach out to us! In this article, we are summarizing three possible ways for people who want to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

Given its position as a major international transport hub at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it is not surprising that Turkey’s Citizenship by investment program is drawing more attention every day around the world. The Turkish Government grants investors Turkish Citizenship in exchange for capital investment or the acquisition of immovable property. Turkey’s cost-effective program offers fast processing times and access to a strong passport and diverse economy. There are two investment options for foreigners to get Turkish Citizenship.

A.Turkish Citizenship via Property Purchase

It was published in the official newspaper of the Republic of Turkey on January 12, 2017, that the Turkish Government provides an option of obtaining Turkish Citizenship through investing in Turkey. Further amendments were made, and the amount of investments required for getting Turkish Citizenship was decreased to $400,000.

As of December 2018, purchasing real estate with a minimum value of $400,000 was amended, and different options were provided. Thus, people can pursue Turkish Citizenship by executing a preliminary sale contract before a notary.

Purchasing a real estate property with a minimum value of $400,000 and annotating of no-sale for at least three years is the requirement of this highly preferred way to get Turkish Citizenship. After the purchase, foreigners are required to receive a conformity certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

If foreigners who have already bought a real estate property want to apply for Turkish Citizenship, they have to be careful. The time of purchase is important because it changes the minimum amount of value required for citizenship. The minim amount of value changes as follows:

  • For the purchases between January 12, 2017, and September 18, 2018, the minimum value should be $1,000,000.
  • For the purchases after Jun 2022, it should be at least $400,000.

It is essential to highlight that the real estate sale price indicated in the official deed should not be less than the amount stated in the real estate value assessment report. The sale price of the real estate should be higher than $400,000 in both of the documents. However, the sales price of the real estate specified in the official deed is not required to be higher than the amount specified in the real estate valuation report.

B. Turkish Citizenship with Bank Deposit

Foreigners who invest at least $500,000 and make a commitment to hold the amount of deposits at banks operating in Turkey for three years are eligible to apply for Turkish Citizenship. A certificate of conformity from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency is required.

It is not mandatory to hold all amounts of deposits at one single bank. Foreigners can deposit money to more than one bank with the condition to keep the specific deposits at specific banks for at least three years, and the total deposited amounts should be at least $500,000.

In case foreigners withdraw some money that the deposit falls under $500,000, the process of getting Turkish Citizenship will be canceled.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Through Long Term Stay in Turkey

Foreigners who legally resided in Turkey for more than five years are eligible for Turkish Citizenship. Alternatively, foreigners who have lived in Turkey for longer than eight years are also eligible to obtain an indefinite term residence permit in addition to a chance to get Turkish Citizenship.

Marriage is another option for foreigners to apply for Turkish Citizenship. Those married to Turkish citizens are eligible to stay in Turkey for longer terms. They can also apply for Turkish Citizenship upon marriage with a Turkish citizen. It is important to note that the foreigner and the Turkish citizen should be married for at least three years.

The Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Turkey sits at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and is one of the most culturally rich countries in the region. It offers remarkable landmarks, historical sites, and magnificent natural sceneries. The country’s unique location is crucially essential to drive tourists and investors to Turkey. 

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship include free education, including universally recognized successful universities, full medical assistance, and visa-free travel. Moreover, if investors choose to obtain Citizenship via investment in a Turkish real estate property, they will be able to collect rental returns. 

Turkish Passport and Visa-Free Travel

A lifetime Turkish citizenship is granted within 4 – 6 months, and minimum residency in Turkey is not required. Therefore, you can reach out to benefits quickly and easily. Afterward, you will be able to use your Turkish Passport to travel to more than 110 visa-free countries. 

Your Turkish Passport and Citizenship are yours for good. You can pass them down to future generations by descent, allowing all family members to enjoy all the mentioned benefits. Also, Turkey allows dual citizenship; therefore, individuals are not required to give up their existing citizenship.

Access to E-2 Visa

An additional benefit of obtaining Turkish Citizenship is that it opens the way to live and work in the United States! Turkey is an E-2 Treaty Country with the United States; therefore, Turkish passport holders are eligible for the United States E-2 Visa. Gozel Law Firm, with its office in the United States, helps its clients satisfy the E-2 program requirements and benefit from the vast advantages it offers.

The E-2 Visa allows individuals to live and work in the United States to own and operate a business or franchise. The visa offers many benefits, including travel flexibility and the ability for a spouse to apply for work authorization in the United States. The key to an application is to present a credible business case to the US consulate in Istanbul. 

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